I would like to propose some scientific facts found in the Bible even though it was not believed at the time.

-In Job 26:7 (NIV) it tells us that "He suspends the Earth upon

nothing." (That is just a fragment of the verse). Now at the time,

people would believe that the Earth was held by something, such as

the Giant, Atlas, in Greek Paganism. The Judeo-Christian reference

was actually alone on that.
-In a fragement of Isaiah 40:22 (NIV) it states "He sits enthroned

upon the circle of the Earth." (Some translations state Globe or

Sphere). At the time it was believed to be flat, it being Earth.
-In Job 38:7 (NIV) it says, "while the morning stars sang together..."

Scientists have discovered that stars emit radio waves that can be

observed on Earth.
-In Job 20:15-24 God speaks of a dinosaur like creature called a

Behemoth. Some skeptics claim this is a Hippopotamus. But a

Hippo has a tiny tale, the size of a twig, whereas a Behemoth has

one the size of a tree. It also goes on to describe it was herbivorous, 

larger than even a whale, and had strong hips and a strong tale. It

had not been disturbed by a raging river. It drank massive

ammounts of water, as needed by a large animal. And it later says,

as known with all dinosaurs as well, God had caused it to go extinct.
- In a fragment of Levitivus 15:13 it says that "he must bathe his flesh

in running water in he shall be clean." Now in 1845, Dr. Ignaz

Semmelweis noticed that many women where dying in hospitals

while giving birth. The doctors at the time where washing their hands

in bowls, rather than running water. So Semmelweis decided to

make doctors wash their hands in running water. And the death

percentage dropped two percent of women who gave birth in

hospitals. Take a look at the word used to describe the water they

should wash their flesh with.

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