Okay, just so you know, I read Proxima's message and this has nothing to do with it. I feel led to tell you guys that I am leaving and I will work on improving my "Learning the Path" wiki. I realized that arguing with an Athiest is like arguing with a brick wall, or my friend CH. I am leaving on God's means and I believe the only reason I was called to this wiki is some advice on witnessin to an Athiest. If you wish to continue arguing with me I am sorry but I will not allow that kind of vandalism nor will I allow you guys to urge me to fight with the brick wall again. I wish I could help, but it is too much. It is really just annoying me, saddening me, and really messing up how I live with my brothers and sisters. TG, HB, and EW even noticed that one. So good by and thanks for the lesson on witnessing to Athiests and Anti-Christian Agnostics.

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