Cosmological natural selection is a bizarre seeming idea that serious Scientists respect. Lee Smolin who is a world ranking cosmolgist, is closely involved with this, see Fecund universes.

While still speculative, some new theories have put forward the idea that Natural selection exists on a cosmological scale. In this scenario, the universe is a superorganism that stores its genes in the fabric of spacetime. When the universe reproduces, it does so via the use of black holes, which take in genetic material from around neighboring regions of spacetime and force it through into a higher dimension, where it causes a Big Bang and the formation of a new universe. Natural Selection comes into play in that a universe needs large amounts of carbon to create the massive stars necessary to form black holes. Those universes which are predisposed to produce more carbon are more likely to produce black holes and so pass on their successful genes, while less successful universes are less likely to do so. As a bonus, universes which can produce more carbon are more likely to harbor life (which could potentially explain, and so disprove, the "Fine Tuning Argument").

Explaining this type of science

Is it a good idea to try and explain this type of science to simple-minded or uneducated Christian Fundamentalists?
No it isn't.

Unintelligent believers whose main education has been Bible study together with the teachings of their particular sect can't easily understand all this. Even intelligent believers whose main education has been Bible study together with the teachings of their particular sect can't easily understand all this. If complex cosmology goes against their cherished beliefs the chances are they won't even try to understand it. Rather they'll hold onto their Superstitions round Adam and Eve and the like. Mythology of the Old Testament satisfied Bronze Age herders and Iron Age farmers and it satisfies modern fundamentalists too. The fundamentalists will go back to their churches and tell others of their faith about the atheists with silly ideas about universes and black holes and natural selection and higher dimensions. They'll tell each other stuff like, "I could never be an atheist. I don't have enough faith to be an atheist."

When dealing with Christian proselytisers it's better to stick to simple stuff like:-
"If the universe was created there's no reason to assume the creator was the God of Christianity. Perhaps Allah created the universe. Or Judaism could be true. Or Greek mythology or Celtic or Nordic mythology, any of them could be true. Or Hinduism could be the true religion."
That approach more easily gets to believers.

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