FANDOM is a website which I use frequently, I agree with of most of what is in that site and I have not found difficulties there. Atheism.About has plenty of good information, it is well presented and easy to read.

Peer review

Despite the above while following the scientific method I regretfully must point out that the site is not Peer reviewed. Serious researchers can undoubtedly use the Atheism About site but should look for confirmation from other sources for what they use.

Why is there so little peer reviewed secular material? The case against religion is strong as this website and other secular websites show. Despite this for traditional reasons university departments dealing with Theology and related subjects like Religious studies get funding more easily than departments of secular studies would. Therefore there isn't the funding to produce very much peer reviewed material criticising religion and Christianity.

There are strong logical and empirical reasons not to take Christianity or other Mythology seriously. In all industrial nations with an educated population the proportion who do not believe in any religion increases steadily over the generations. Therefore younger atheists can look forward to a time when there will be more equal funding for religious studies and secular studies.

Atheism Wiki

Incidentally Atheism Wiki is not peer reviewed either. I cannot compete in shear volume of knowledge with academics who spent a lifetime in universities studying theology with questionable relevance and similar subjects at taxpayers' expense. I hope I can compete in the reasonableness of what I write.

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